I come from a big family of 11 siblings, when my mum cooked it was as if she was cooking a feast for us every day. Me and my babba (Dad) used to go to the fields and pick our own organic fruit and vegetable from our land for the family.

We used to invite people over for delicious meals cooked by my mum and myself as well give away some food to neighbours as part of our traditions, at end of the night when leaving we would always kiss each other as a way of saying thank you and from that, the name Bosa (kiss) was born.

Growing up I used to spend a lot of time with my mum helping her in cooking and preparing the food all of which has developed a burning desire and to deliver great food. At the age of 15, I opened my first Kiosk with the help of my Dad selling hummus ful medames and falafel which are the most popular Lebanese street food.

At the age of 17, I came to London to study catering and attended culinary school and worked in various restaurants to gain experience. My Big break came when I partnered up with my mentor and opened a restaurant in Dubai, working with various professionals helped me to polish my skills. I had the vision of opening a Bosa Kitchen across London long before the opportunity came up in Southfields, now due to the success we are branching out to Putney and beyond.

Sam Sarhan



A Lebanese restaurant that’s making waves in the heart of Southfields, Bosa Kitchen is a family-run joint that’s bringing traditional middle eastern cuisine to the forefront. Open every day of the week, Bosa Kitchen has become a beloved meeting point for families, friends and coworkers, all looking to indulge in some of London’s best mezze’s. Here you’ll be met with a sophisticated atmosphere, friendly service and incredible cuisine, all for a fantastic price.

Favourites from the mezze selection include the moussaka, the Falafel, hallomi cheese, Homous and the Moutable Baba Ghanouj. If you’re a meat-lover, try the lamb shawarma served with tahini sauce, onion, tomato and pickles. The restaurant also offers tasty wraps and even a kids’ menu.

At Bosa we serve fresh, honest food, in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Bosa is the real go- to for the authentic Lebanese experience.

Bosa Kitchen also caters for your private events, large and small, from casual brunches with family and friends to posh canapé receptions! Whatever the occasion, we promise to impress your guests with an authentic Lebanese feast. You can customise your menu from our “à la carte” section or choose from one of our carefully designed set menus. Whatever you decide, we will be on hand to assist you throughout.


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